Crisscrossing culinary borders comes as naturally to chefs Kat Hu and Justin Yi as does completing the other’s sentence. Partners in the kitchen and in life, these young chefs epitomize the cutting edge of contemporary California cooking, layering rare and traditional ingredients of one cuisine into another, just as they naturally insert words and phrases into he sentences of the other. Market fresh local menu items are transformed by unexpected flavor profiles borrowed from the global cuisines that have merged and married in the taste memories of their personal and professional lives, offering an unique culinary perspective for the adventurous diner and a home away from home for their many neighborhood regulars.

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About Hock + Hoof - Kat Hu and Justin Li

Both chefs mentored at an early age at the apron of family members, Kat in traditional Chinese, Justin in Korean. Both recall with astonishment the extensive, complex daily meals prepared to feed large extended families, as well as raising the produce and animals that nourished the table. In his teens, Justin’s family owned and operated a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas, bringing yet another rich culinary tradition into his tapestry of knowledge. At Hock + Hoof, these young chefs do not enjoy the interplay of cuisines simply for the sake of novelty, but rather naturally bringing together the diverse ingredients and flavors that transformed their very personal journeys. The rich cultural diversity celebrated in their cooking is at once familiar and accessible, exotic and electrifying.

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About Hock + Hoof - Kat Hu and Justin Li

Before joining forces to open their first restaurant together in downtown Los Angeles, Chefs Kat and Justin enjoyed extensive careers working alongside celebrated restauranteurs and chefs in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Kat recalls the rigid perfection of Chef Tony Ensault, Justin the freewheeling innovation of Chefs David Chang and Thomas Keller. Kat visualizes flavor in textures and colors, while Justin brings the order, structure and technique, together employing a dance of creation and execution. Hock + Hoof distills their lives, memories, and vast training into one small dining room meant to invoke their home. Just as their ancestors cooked to nourish the bodies and souls of the family, this duo created an intimate neighborhood restaurant that invites diners to their table, abundant with the gifts of hospitality and care, moving seamlessly from the kitchen to dining room, welcoming friends and neighbors to family their table.

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About Hock + Hoof - Kat Hu and Justin Li