Meet The Family

Don’t break any laws. Make good food. Make good drinks. And have fun. That pretty much describes our corporate culture here at Hock+Hoof. We love to have fun! We want to play with food! We want to explore and create! We don’t want to be shackled to what other people want from us anymore. We want our hobbies to be our job. And we want to express that in our food and drinks. And we want everyone to enjoy that with us. Hock+Hoof is an intention-based operation. Our owners, Kat and Justin, started Hock+Hoof because they love to cook and because they want to cook the food that they love. They want to be free to cook the food that represents them and they want to do it in an environment that is refined without being pretentious, happy, and full of laughter. The pair brought on General Manager Sunny Lam for his like-minded philosophy and are currently seeking talented and enthusiastic staff to join the team.