Minimal Waste: A Trash to Treasure Story


Right now there is a lot of buzz in America surrounding minimal waste eating. While the idea of throwing away as little as possible may seem like a new trend here, minimal waste eating is a way of life for much of the world.


When our Executive Chef Kat Hu was training under French chefs, there was no such thing as trash (unless it’s gone bad). She was indoctrinated with the idea that if you have to throw a product away, it was your fault for allowing that product to go to waste. It was because you failed to order correctly or to use a product accordingly. There are a lot of hungry people out there. What makes us so special that we feel like we have the right to waste things when others can’t afford that?


At Hock+Hoof, we are not only thinking about how what we do impacts our lives and our customer’s lives, but also how we are impacting the world at large. This was a strong motivating factor in our incorporating offals into our menu. We believe that the entire animal should be appreciated, not just the “prime” cuts. Everything can be a delicacy if you cook it right. We hope that the food in our restaurant inspires our customers to incorporate minimal waste techniques into their cooking at home.


We make a lot of comforting stocks and broths here in the restaurant. It’s healthy, it’s clean eating, it’s very versatile, and it’s a technique that can be replicated at home. Join us in making change from our kitchen, one dish at a time.