Off-Seasonal and Exceptionally Flavorful

California is all about fresh and seasonal produce. However, here at Hock + Hoof we really want to highlight the techniques associated with off-seasonal cooking. Just like the concept of San Marzano tomatoes from Italy, we pluck the best ingredients and preserve them at their peak so that we can use them all year long. This way our customers don’t have to wait all year to taste the sweet flavors of concord grapes or the micro-seasonal ramps that we love to use in our cooking.

Seasonal cooking is popular because we want to use ingredients when they are at their best quality. Additionally, using what is locally available in a given season reduces the need to import ingredients. This has a positive impact on the environment.

At Hock+Hoof, we feature dishes on our menu which highlight the best that the current season has to offer. For example, chestnuts and sunchokes are delicious this time of year. We offer a special that’s a play on a painter’s palate, where our customers can taste the season. It will feature 7 items all prepared differently, which showcases what is in season at the moment. It can be purees or custard or sauces all presenting each product that is at their best.

However, sometimes we don’t want to have to wait all year to experience a flavor that we love. By using off-seasonal ingredients, we can get the flavors we crave with local origins any time of year. For this reason, Hock+Hoof combines the best fresh, local produce and organic meats with beautifully preserved jams, sauces, and pickles to create dishes that transcend the seasons. Nothing says LA-lifestyle like getting what you want, when you want it, all year long.