Offal-ly Delicious


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Tongue, liver, brains, kidneys…..these ingredients might not have the same drool-inducing appeal of an oozing grilled cheese sandwich or a perfectly cooked fillet mignon. However, when prepared correctly, offal is dripping with layer upon layer of rich flavor, nutritious, and an environmentally sustainable alternative to more standard grocery store cuts of meat. At Hock+Hoof, our menu celebrates off-cuts using a mixture of time-honored techniques and culinary innovations inspired by our chefs travels around the globe. Hock+Hoof’s love affair with offal began in Nanjing, China, where our Executive Chef Kat Hu was born. Kat grew up wandering the lively, buzzing night markets in her hometown. She would browse the high-energy stalls and watch as skilled chefs with quick moving hands whipped up local delicacies under the light of bare yellow bulbs. It was here that she first tasted (and learned to love) offal. Over the years, she learned the secrets to preparing the delectable dishes she tried, such as soaking tripe in a brine of alcohol and ginger to reduce the gameness before it is braised. Though offal might not be as typical as, say, a hamburger on the average LA menu, the City of Angels is no stranger to delicious offal-based dishes. LA’s famous street tacos have long history of incorporating fillings like lengua, tripas, and cabeza. At Hock+Hoof, traditional offal preparations get new life in dishes like our braised tripe and tendons served with our house fried bread. We think of this dish as kind of a Korean menudo. There is meat! There is heat! There is acid! It will make you sweat in the best way possible! But there is also a delicate nature to the dish that really surprises the palate. Hock+Hoof is all about exploring the endless possibilities of different cuisines and ingredients. Korean food is more than just kimchi and meat is so much more than just steak! We want to encourage people to push their boundaries with food. Try something you haven’t experienced before and you may find a new favorite. We need to take a new look at what we consider food waste in this country. Deliciousness is limited only by the imagination.